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Goatlings are virtual pets inhabiting the world of Goatlings, creatures which vaguely resemble real-world goats. There are many different types of Goatlings; some simple, some elegant, some representing a past baddy players could encounter, a specific holiday, or popular topics such as 'My Little Pony' or 'Nyan Cat'.

Goatlings change appearances through the use of Appearance Dolls, which transform a goatling into the correspoding goatling design matching the doll. Most Goatlings wear a calm, peaceful expression, with a hint of blush on their cheeks, and bright, shiny eyes. Most Goatlings have horns and hooves just like normal goats, though some goatlings have additions such as wings or even more human traits like hair and eyelashes. A large majority wear fashionable accessories, including capes, sashes, scarves, collars, and necklaces; some Goatlings even wear human-like clothes, to include skirts and even full-length dresses.

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