Goatling ads 2

The first 9 Goatling ADs, all of which can be purchased at the AD shop.

When adopted, all Goatlings start off with the Basic Grey goatling appearance; however, players can alter the appearances of their goatlings using items called Appearance Dolls. They appear as small versions of the Goatling appearance they represent. There are currently 82 different type of ADs.

NPC ShopsEdit

Presently, the only stores which players can purchase Goatling ADs are the Appearance Doll Shop and the VIP Shop.

Appearance Dolls Shop:

VIP Shop:

Baddy DropsEdit

Many Appearance Dolls can be found on Explore adventures, and are dropped by the Goatling baddies which represent them. Others are dropped from Battle Center baddies, and represent the monsters who dropped them. Since Baddies are continually being cycled out, some Goatlings can no longer be found, and have since been retired.


Two Goatlings can currently be crafted via the Crafting services of the Member's Alley.

Special EventsEdit

These Goatlings were given to players in commemoration of an event, and can only be purchased through the limited number of players who possess them.

Diamond DustEdit

Some Goatlings can be bought from the Diamond Dust Store. These goatlings are usually more rare and expensive, with some even set as Limited Edition items that eventually retire from the store.

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